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As soon as possible. Ideally, two months before the estimated moving date.

As soon as possible or up to a month before the moving takes place.

It will depend on:

  • The amount of items to move
  • Fragility level
  • Size of the items with respect to your residence’s access

Yes, it is necessary to perform an inspection before moving to determine the quantity, dimensions and fragility of the items and identify if it is necessary to use additional equipment to complete the work, such as cranes, pick-ups, among others.

Before providing this information, we must perform an inspection visit to consider all the variables that may intervene during your moving service. Experience tells us that there are not two similar moving services and, therefore, the cost for one moving service cannot be used as a cost reference for another.

There is not charge for inspection visits within Panama City. The cost for visiting the countryside will depend on the place for the inspection.

International moving services have a customs process that is very different from the general cargo and conditions vary according to the destination country. As part of our services, we advise our clients regarding the customs regulations that apply for each country.

The National Customs Authority of Panama prohibits the entry of:

FIDI - Panama Regulations

  • Liquors
  • Wines
  • Food
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Plants or Live Animals
  • Among other things

Including any of these elements would result in confiscation and delays for delivering your property.

Generally, the following:

  • Copy of packing inventory
  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Original or notarized passport copy
  • Address of residence in origin and destination
  • Work permit (when applicable)
  • Letter from your employer (when applicable)

A door-to-door moving service is the one that includes:

  • Packaging of personal effects at the origin residence
  • Processing of export documents
  • International transportation to destination port/airport
  • Customs process at destination
  • Delivery and unpacking of personal effects at the destination residence

There are different moving companies that offer different services. The first indication of the company’s responsiveness capability is the professionalism and knowledge of the evaluating inspector who visits your residence, as well as their response time when quoting. Moreover, the best agents are members of national and international associations of moving companies (FIDI, LACMA, IAM y OMNI). If possible, choose a company with its own qualified personnel, as well as your own vehicle fleet.

The services included in the proposal: They are all those that have been provided by the moving company such as: manufacturing wooden boxes to provide additional protection for fragile and/or valuable items.

Services excluded from the proposal: They are all those charges, fees, costs or similar that cannot be provided by the moving company before submitting a quote, such as X-ray inspections carried out by customs at origin and/or destination.

Safety is a priority rather than an option, and the best way to be prepared for any unfortunate events is buying an insurance policy. We invite you to ask yourself if you would risk driving an vehicle without insurance. The same answer will apply when it comes to the protection of your household goods.

This depends on the rules and regulations of the destination country for a move. Generally, the following products are prohibited or restricted to be imported as part of a moving shipment:

  • Drugs
  • Medicines that require a prescription
  • Food
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Pornographic material
  • Dangerous goods (flammable, acidic, corrosive, explosive)
  • Products of endangered species